We are thrilled
that you have chosen to serve as a disciple at Sovereign Grace!

Disciples are those willing to sacrifice their time, resources and talents to serve in the church without reward mindset. The core values of the disciples must support the Vision
and Leadership of the Church.

It is our desire to see God use you along with other fellow members to glorify Him as we serve each other in Ministry.

We believe each opportunity to serve offers you a place to belong to a smaller community of people , as you study the Word together, pray for one another and experience the power of building relationships while using your gifts to impact your world.


men ministry

We support and encourage our men to take charge and to keep watch over their families and communities.

women ministry

The women fellowship of Sovereign Grace Assembly focus on empowering, liberating and supporting women to take their place in their homes and community.

youth ministry

The Change you envisage is happening; we are raising tomorrow leader and entrepreneurs.

marriage ministry

Where there is love there is life. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed not endure. A Godly, holy and happy marriage is our goal. And so far the Lord has being faithful towards us.

General Counselling / Welfare

One of our goal as a church is to lend a helping hand to our members and neighbors.


Visiting and assisting Prisons, setting up Orphanages, welfare initiative providing Drug Rehabilitation centers and Environmental Architecture ( Street Light, Tree Planting e.t.c)

Community/ Health

The church has always been involved in the community project and political awareness such as Initiating Health Awareness/ Advocacy, Drug Rehabilitation, Medical Outreaches ( Lets go a Fishing), Medical Intervention ( Medical Tourism, Ambulances, Mercy Ship), and so on.


Promoting education through building, equipping, mentoring or adopting schools by contributing financially to academic institutions for establishing endowment funds, chairs, laboratories, etc, with the objective of assisting students in their studies.


Providing media platforms such as video Media, Print Media (Magazines, Bulletins and Publications), Social Media Communication, Radio Station, Content Generation and Communication.

Business / Economy

We believe in creating Business which is based on biblical teachings on how to start and prosper your business, powerful entrepreneurial programme and more

Arts And Culture

Promoting and improving art and culture through various mediums

Governance And Politics

We promote Faith and Politics, Political and Civic Education.


Firm Foundation (New Converts Class)

The foundation is of utmost importance. At Great Grace Assembly we believe in the right foundation in our journey with Christ.

Membership Class

School of Prayer


Creative Arts (Dance Group, Publication, Soft Decor)

Media and Technology

Hospitality and Home Affairs

Mission and Foreign Affairs

Hospitality and Home Affairs